"Advancing Hope Where There Has Been None &
Help Where Others Have Given Up"
-Reverend Weston D. Bailey

An Advanced Healing Process Addressing the Deeper Issues of the Human Spirit

Introductory Lecture I

Scientific Research
The Healing Process 
Dimensions of Consciousness/Chakras
Extended Senses
Light Color Energy


Introductory Lecture II

Essential Oils
Residues/Cause, Dis-eases & Past Lives
Cords, Fragments & Karma
Spirit Attachments & The Dark Side
The Great Invocation


Help & Hope

Offering a unique and very powerful combination of knowledge, skill, and compassion, Rev. Weston Bailey’s spiritual counseling includes, but is not limited to, past life healing and spirit releasement. For more information The Subtle Energies and Parapsychology of Spirit Attachment - With Guidelines for Self-Help and Protection was presented, by request, to the scientific community. LCEH helps to process and balance physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states of being. Liberating yourself from the influence of the past allows you to live a happier and healthier life.

Tapping Your Inner Intelligence

There is a uniquely beautiful Intelligence residing within each and every one of us. In a LCEH session that inherent Intelligence is gently guided to
discover the blocks that prevent the expression of your true self. By accessing then releasing past residues usually emotional, you are able to restore health and
harmony to your body and dimensional self

Light Color Energy

Everything is color! When looking into the influence of color metaphysically, the healing influence of color is dramatic! When you are thinking, you are creating energy. Since thinking creates energy, it is important to consider the kind of energy you are creating – is it positive or negative and what potential impact does it have on your immediate environment, behavior, or health? Positive thinking, when viewed this way, becomes an absolute necessity. The concept of the mind as a healer takes on new significance. Being able to visualize any color is of paramount importance in its influence to the inner nature. Rev. Weston’s writing “Light Color Energy: Healing Through the Subtle Energies of the Inner Nature” provides a more in-depth understanding of the healing properties of the seven prismatic colors.


Annette's clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities go far beyond what has been described as "medical intuitive." She perceives the etheric energetics of dis-ease and their impact upon the physical system. She can then trace this energy to it's cause i.e. past traumas, or tragedies where once discovered can be released and healed. Even more evident in her work is the presence of Ascended Masters in all of the sessions. These great compassionate beings guide her in understanding what she is seeing and what is required for healing. She discerns very clearly attaching entities and residues (of the client) to which they attach. Once discerned, we can use LCEH to release and heal. Rev. Weston's assessment is that this unique teamwork of healing the deeper issues of the human spirit, providing help where there has been none and hope where others have given up, could very well be the most advanced healing process presently known.

An Important Concept to Remember

Please acknowledge that opening the doors of past memories will bring out the characteristics and any karma associated. The knowledge of how to enter this aspect of your nature needs to be studied carefully before entering therein. This work requires a commitment. There is no one session that will heal your past once this door is open. The possibility of memory up rushes from the past should be expected. One should be prepared to continue with regular sessions that deal directly with this part of human nature.


"I couldn't go to sleep without expressing my deepest, heartfelt gratitude to you for the work you do, and the opportunity you've given me to get my life back…after innumerable centuries. The peace I feel in me, the freedom from shackles and fears, the ability to use my mind and think clearly…I feel that I can be WHO I AM now…God knows how long its been since I've done that! The assistance and friendship given by the Masters is priceless…beyond my words to communicate. Thank you for introducing them to me... How can one put freedom into words? How can I say "thank you" for a gift that's impossible to assign value to? The only thing that may be adequate is for me to BE…to know the light and joy in me, to radiate the beauty that is ME, and share the gifts that are uniquely me, may be all that is required. In deep love and sincere gratitude….."

Conditions Addressed

• Phobias 
• Childhood Abuse
Habit Control
Drugs & Addictive Behavior
Chronic Pain / Illness 
Coping with Death & Dying 
Stress Management
• Relationships

•  Depression
•  Insomnia

•  Possession/Obsession (including demonic)
Poltergeist Activity  ("haunted" properties)

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