About Our Staff

Rev. Weston Bailey

Weston’s ministry is one of education and healing, not conversion to a belief system.  The spiritual choices of everyone are respected. Open-mindedness and integrity are encouraged in all matters temporal or spiritual.  Always keeping "one foot in the scientific camp and the other in the spiritual", Weston has had numerous personal encounters with the spiritual realm. 
What began as a vacation in Hawaii in 1972 turned into a vocation for Reverend Weston, who stayed in the islands for 11 years, teaching and researching metaphysical subjects. In 1984, he founded FSSH in Sacramento, CA, and now conducts services at the Foundation in Citrus Heights. He has lectured before audiences in South Africa, South America, Mexico, the Bahamas, Canada and widely throughout the United States.

Parapsychology Consultant
Weston was born in southern Idaho and brings common sense as well as spiritual integrity to the fields of parapsychology and metaphysics. His spiritual quest began when he was nine years old, leaving the family church one day telling his mother that they "were not teaching the truth there any more and he was not coming back".
Preferring to choose his own curriculum rather than someone else's, he left college, sans degrees, and continued his education with his own choice of literature, books and experiments. His first introduction to the healing field was in the United States Air Force where he was trained in hospital administration and as a surgical technician. Later, he spent many successful years in the California corporate world, served as a consultant to a large labor union and involved himself in his community by chairing Bond issues which raised money for a youth center and police station. One day while speaking before a large audience, he suddenly felt his life was not coinciding with his ideals. He left the reception line, went back to his office and pondered where he was headed.
His thirst for knowledge was spurred on by the age-old question: "What happens when we die?" The pursuit for the answer to this question led him on an enlightening, soul-searching journey that has finally begun to quench that thirst.
Weston is now a highly respected lecturer with a 30-year background of intense research in the fields of parapsychology, metaphysics and subtle energies - especially as they relate to spiritual healing. Staying in touch with current scientific research in these areas, he is a member of the American Society of Psychical Research (for over 20 years) and the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM) since its inception 10 years ago. He was well-received by the scientific community in 1994 and 1996 when he was invited to present his Light Color Energy Healing research at ISSSEEM Conferences in Boulder, Colorado.
Weston has had a keen interest in "proving" scientifically what the minister, priest and rabbi teaches by faith alone - that indeed human personality and individual consciousness does survive the death experience. Personal spiritual encounters with peoples from all over the world have inspired his wisdom - from the Bantu tribes in South Africa to the head of the senate of the Bahamian government, to a past First Family of Mexico, to the old Kahunas of Hawaii. Profound metaphysical and transcendental experiences have encouraged and empowered his lifelong quest for truth.

Annette Bailey

Annette was introduced to LIGHT COLOR ENERGY HEALING™ in July, 2000. Attending one of Weston's seminars in Santa Fe, New Mexico, it became evident to her that this work was what could help in her own healing process. She immediately came to Sacramento to learn more about LCEH, and her profound clairvoyant abilities began to be developed.

With Weston's guidance and her own tenacious desire to understand and perfect her spiritual gifts, she is now able to perceive each dimension of consciousness, including the soul, with remarkable clarity. Annette can describe matters never before described or reported by any medical intuitive or clairvoyant. Her gentle, loving nature and her commitment to this healing process will endear her to you.

Transcendental Consultant
Annette grew up deeply embedded in the “Bible Belt” of the South. She holds two degrees – a Bachelors in Education and a Masters in Educational Psychology. As a Special Education teacher, she focused on the needs of emotionally disturbed and learning disabled children. The prominent use of pharmaceutical drugs to affect the behavior of children while creating problems in other areas of their lives stimulated Annette to begin researching alternative means of assistance. Her own health challenges eventually removed her from the classroom and into a full-time study of the interaction between thoughts, emotions, beliefs and life experiences and the impact these energies have upon the physical system.

Annette traveled extensively to immerse herself in diverse forms of spiritual healing practices worldwide. This included time spent in China at the world’s largest medicineless hospital studying Qigong. Other studies included nutrition, herbology, iridology, anatomy and physiology, foot reflexology, aromatherapy, Healing Touch, Ayurveda and Shamanism. Eventually she opened her own herb shop and healing practice. There she began formulating her own herbal preparations, researching flower essences for a major company and developing her clairvoyance.
Despite the knowledge she had gained, physical setbacks continued to occur. Meeting Weston in July, 2000 changed her life. Their session work opened new doors into happiness and health. Annette had been troubled by painful practices and sketchy, often erroneous information about the spirit world and the “dark side” of human nature. These energies had been clairvoyantly visible to her since childhood. Wes’ research and classes offered an in-depth exploration and understanding of these subjects.
As a client, fellow researcher and now business associate of Weston’s, Annette continues her dedication to healing the deeper issues affecting the human spirit and soul.

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