Healing Souls

Some spiritual problems have a darker origin. Rev. Weston Bailey of FSSH, in Sacramento, CA, is often called upon as a "last resort" when those who are suffering from demonic possession or ritual abuse have tried every other type of "orthodox" treatment. With client permission, medical doctors and therapists who refer their patients to Weston are invited to observe this often-dramatic spiritual healing process.

Spirit Influence or Attachment, Demonic Possession or Ritual Abuse

Jesus relieved many cases of possession when he "casts out devils." This important art of healing, neglected and misunderstood by modern medicine and religion, is slowly being reconstituted and reapplied. What is it that causes almost uncontrollable, self-destructive behavior such as drug addiction, alcoholism or violent criminal acts? Some say society is at fault or it is in the genes. The true answer may lie elsewhere. A scientific study of spirit influence could lead us out of a state of denial and into a state of awareness by providing some very important answers.

Researching Spiritual Healing

For nearly 40 years, Rev. Weston has been a parapsychology consultant, pursuing in-depth research into the most misunderstood and feared subjects of spirit attachment, demonic possession, and satanic ritual abuse. Rev. Weston's paper "The Subtle Energies and Parapsychology of Spirit Influence and Attachment; With Guidelines for Self-Help and Protection" presented to the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine in 1996 is an introduction to this subject. These subjects have come to be his special area of expertise, thanks to the many clients who have entrusted their deepest, darkest secrets into his care.

Removing Influences

Through the LIGHT COLOR ENERGY HEALING™ procedures he has developed, along with powerful angelic assistance, spirit attachments (including demonic) are removed and gently but powerfully healed. Results have been profound. For most people, a deep connection with something divine or spiritual emerges as their healing process takes place. In this exorcism practice, Weston truly demonstrates that with God all things are possible.