Spirit Rescue Work

Spirit Rescue Work™

“If a man dies shall he live again?” (Job 14:14) This is a question pondered by Job and all ofhumankind since history was first recorded. All religion, with the exception of Spiritualism,teaches a kind of survival based solely upon tenets, faith and belief. Does the strength of faithand belief make something like surviving the death experience true? No! Does belief itselfmanifest a form of reality? Yes! These questions seem to pose a paradox.

Scientific Evidence of Survival

The death experience is considered so awesome, so irreversible, and so troublesome to somany. Is there or is there not evidence for the continuity of life beyond the grave? If so, what kind of evidence? Who established this evidence? The question concerning survival and the continuity of life beyond the death experience is the most important area of study for any thinking man or woman.

There is more than ample evidence of the continuity of life and the ability to communicate intelligently with a very real Spirit World. Spirit is forever and spirit will never die. Death is probably the most astounding psychical experience for the majority. The accumulation of thousands of cases recorded in the history of psychical research concerning apparitions or phantom forms seen around the deathbed by the dying and by others, is irrefutable.

Healing Technique

Rescuing spirits from the dilemmas of false belief systems and fears is clearly one of the mostimportant works that can be done. In the many years that Weston has been doing this type of work, it is very rare that he finds someone who has passed on that doesn’t need some kind of help. Through the LIGHT COLOR ENERGY HEALING™ procedures he has developed, along with powerful angelic assistance, the cloudiness around these spirits will begin to transmuteand a gentle, balancing energy is brought through. This then opens the door for them to betaken to a place of rest. Upon awakening they may be be taken to various places of study where they truly can progress to higher realms.

Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death by F.W.H. Myers

“The question for man most momentous of all is whether or no he has an immortal soul; or - to avoid the word immortal, which belongs to the realm of infinity - whether or no his personality involves any element which can survive bodily death. In this direction have always lain the greatest fears, the farthest-reaching hopes, which could either oppress or stimulate mortal minds.” (page 100, Vol. 1)