Spiritual Awakening Foundation

Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

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About Us

The Spiritual Awakening Foundation is a human spiritual organization that serves people, and not a religion requiring a belief system.

Recognizing the need to bridge the gap between science and the spiritual (or mystical), we hope to create a place where both can be viewed as valuable and necessary.  This is a place where beliefs and faith may be grounded in scientific reality and where spiritual integrity is paramount.  You will find no dogma here. The ministry is one of spiritual healing, education and spiritual awakening. Using a common sense approach to the many perplexing subjects confronting our culture in the areas of parapsychology, religion and metaphysics, we are dedicated to exploring all avenues of human potential and spiritual development through research, networking and personal experience.

It is our desire to reach out to the world at large to create a link with emissaries of Light, those who are demonstrating honesty and integrity in a conscious effort to manifest love and light in our world. We endeavor to unleash the transformative energy of education and healing to every soul in need of nourishment. If you are in need of a spiritual “nudge,” we hope you will find it here!

Spiritual Healing

Offering a unique and very powerful combination of knowledge, skill, and compassion, the spiritual counseling developed by Rev. Weston D. Bailey, advances hope where there has been none and help where others have given up. Annette Bailey, having served with her late husband Weston for over 15 years, continues LCEH counseling with the addition of her highly developed clairvoyance. LIGHT COLOR ENERGY HEALING™ includes, but is not limited to, past life healing and spirit releasement. LCEH helps to process and balance physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states of being. Liberating yourself from the influence of the past allows you to live a happier and healthier life. There is a uniquely beautiful Intelligence residing within each and every one of us. In a LCEH session, your inherent Intelligence is gently guided to find blocks that prevent the expression of your true self. By accessing then releasing past residues (usually emotional), you are able to restore health and harmony to your body.

Advanced Classes

Join us for metaphysics classes and Mystery School on the first and third Sundays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. PST. A consultation appointment is required before entry. Intended for the serious metaphysical student, these classes provide an in-depth study, both spiritually and scientifically, of ancient and contemporary spiritual mysteries, from the mystery of birth to the mystery of death and all that's in between. Our classes include looking at the history and current research relating to parapsychology and metaphysics as they relate to healing.

We also engage in meditation to explore our inner selves and apply the lessons we understand. The ancient science of meditation, the "royal road to Union", might equally well be entitled the science of co-ordination between the body, mind, and emotions. If we start the day with the focusing of our attention on spiritual matters, we shall live the day in a different manner.


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